LIFESHOP / Campus Swap
Life Shop are facilitators for the campus swap concept. Sign up and get more detail and access to swapping tools.
Campus Swap operates in partnership with your own university and allows you to swap things with other students and associated people across all UK universities but is designed and operated to encourage students to trade their old gods within their own campus providing the optimum carbon foot print for the reuse of stuff.
Campus swap is a bespoke notice board of things people are looking to swap or give away. Once you sign up with simple details of University, Campus and email you can list things you have to swap. If you are really feeing generous you can give stuff away.
BBY joining up you can become an active participant in a Key Campus Sustainability initiative, save yourself money and make new friends and acquaintances within your university.
Once a fortnight we operate within each university a swap evening where people with things to sway can take their stuff for swap along and trade it. Simply complete the listing to say which if any of the fortnightly evenings the item listed will be available for view.
For details of the venues and dates for Campus Swap within your University use the drop down button and select your university.
Start trading now and become part of a local market that takes globalisation and makes it local. Get active, be part of a sustainable campus, help others and make the most of your own resources.